Kaikkitietävä Ords
Lucifer The Shining One
Universal Tool
Level -10 Doomsday Device
Heaven's Plain
Supernatural Ability
Absolute Existence
Uses The God Formula
Cause A Single Affect
Number of Uses
One Universe Technique
Can be used.
Universe Technique
Holding the Orb
Level: -9.5
Forge From The Universe
Level: -9.5
Change In The Universe
Vast Universe Technique
More Than One Kaiken Orb
Level: -10
Forge Anything
In The Universe
Level: -10
Change Anything
In The Universe

kaikkitietävä Ords - (kai-key-tee-a-vee-a) Or Kaiken Orbs. The Knowledge of all things. It is capable of producing one single affect.

Background Edit

kaikkitietävä Ords - (kai-key-tee-a-vee-a) Or Kaiken Orbs. The Knowledge of all things. Satan kept several weapons/tools he created that allows him to use absolute powers. he created 666 of these weapons. over the 6 thousand years he has used and or lost 643 of them, influencing events through out the world. there is a total of 17 left. 

Class Edit

Classed as a Level -10 Doomsday Device it is known in legend that it is the absolute evil in all The Natural World of Man, The Ethereal World, Heaven's Plain, and The Re-Flective, for those who know about it.

Abilities Edit

Because the Kaikien Orb is so powerful, it has an, 'Absolute Existence' meaning nothing in the world or beyond can take it out of existence.

Unbeknowist to all life in, The Natural World of Man, the entire universe, be it, The Ethereal World, or Re-Flective World, is created by, The God Formula, the most powerful constent in the universe besides God himself.

Uses Edit

It was designed to give Satan absolute power.

This device is used to cause a single irreversible affect in the universe. In other words it is capable of nearly granting a wish.

It has been shown to help Satan cause certain events through out the world for over 6,000 years.

Number Of Uses Edit

The Kaikien Orb can only be used a single time. Its power is so great it only lasts for a single use.

Universe Technique Edit

While holding the Orb one can activate the Universe Technique, 'Forge From The Universe' allow you to forge anyone thing within the confines of the universe.

The second Universe Technique the orb is capable of is, 'Change In The Universe' the technique Satan used most, to help him cause certain events through history.

Vast Universe Technique Edit

Book 1: Edit

Cursed by a

Book 2: Edit

It is revealed

Book 3: Edit

Raziel gains

Book 4: Edit

A Poor

Book 5: Edit

Raziel becomes a

Book 6: Edit

The Devil

Book 7: Edit

How did the

Book 8: Edit

Its discovered

Book 9: Edit

Raziel's goal is to

Trivia Edit

  • Legion has located several of these Orbs by turning the one he had into eyes.
  • The reason Legion is able to locate them and perceive the world around him is because he can switch between any of the 23,220 pairs of eyes he has left.
  • Legion is the only one able to locate the Kaikien Orbs this way.
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